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Our worship is full of love and expectation, and is a little uncomfortable sometimes! We seek out the presence of God in different styles of worship and even languages, because sometimes, the most moving cry to God is one that goes beyond comprehending words.


Reconciliation is familiar to those who understand the term "cultural competency" in our world today. It's about wanting to learn other cultures so that we can treat all people with the respect deserved.

Reconciliation goes far above that, to recognize that each person has been made in God's own image. It seeks to recognize the barriers between people, and break them down because we are all equal and can advocate for one another as those who have been advocated for.

An easy next step to is read the church's vision and mission, and then ask a Ambassador about it! What is your experience with seeking reconciliation in your life, and what can that look like in your walk with Christ?

Then join us in an outward facing event to see the realization of that.